The learning experience

Days at the Child Development Center are spent primarily on school readiness. We offer age based classrooms of ages 2-3 and ages 4-5. Each day, your child will learn through play and exciting activities, such as story time, field trips, music class and sensory play. We work to have your child ready for Kindergarten by focusing on reading and social skills.

Curriculum information – Project Construct

The Child Development Center uses Project Construct curriculum, which helps your child develop in four key areas:


  • Social/personal

    Building relationships with peers and adults; learning to share and cooperate; fostering creativity and curiosity; and promoting initiative and reflection.

  • Cognitive thinking

    Understanding math and science; and exploring nature and sensory materials.

  • Representational

    Developing language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing; representing ideas through art, movement, music and pretend play.

  • Physical

    Practicing gross (large) and fine (small) motor skills; learning self-help rituals and healthy living habits.

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